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  • We have long history of successful PPC campaigns
  • We have certified Google Ads PPC specialists with vast industry experience
  • We will increase ROI, sales and increase awareness regarding your services and products
  • Assured higher returns on investment.
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  • Offers most affordable and cost effective solution for your business

Experience the Power of Pay Per Click Advertising

The power of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising lies in its ability to provide businesses with a targeted, measurable, and cost-effective method of reaching their audience. PPC services can give you instant results only when they are handled by experts. Around 60% of traffic is driven by proper and successful PPC campaigns. We believe that search engine marketing is the best way of getting your site on top ranking of the search engine results. PPC advertisement is the most affordable and cost effective solution for a business to get highly motivated organic traffic to their sites. We follow PPC techniques which can help you touch the untapped customer base. At Digitech Tree, our expert’s team tracks all possible aspects for your PPC campaigns to refine and optimize the key factors for enhanced and desired Return on Investment (RoI).

Why do You Need PPC Management Services?

PPC Ads improves traffic by generates clicks for your website, instead of “earning” them. We often see at the top of Google’s SERP, that’s PPC advertising. You can get better opportunities to increase revenue for your company as it is low-cost, a high-yield form of marketing, and it is useful for every business from a fresh start-up to an industry giant. Google Ads is an unbeatable digital marketing service for building a brand’s visibility. It enhances your conversion rates by using the process of keyword bidding for promoting your services and products on other websites.

It's important for businesses to approach PPC management strategically, conducting thorough keyword research, creating compelling ad copy, and continually optimizing campaigns for better results. While PPC offers many advantages, effective management is key to maximizing its benefits for your specific business objectives, PPC management services depends on your specific business goals, resources, and expertise. If you find managing PPC campaigns challenging or want to optimize your advertising efforts, our PPC expert’s team tracks all possible aspects for your campaigns to optimize and refine the key factors to get desired Return on Investment (ROI).

Our PPC & Google Ads Services Include

Digitech Tree is one of the best Pay Per Click management company in Delhi NCR and can help you develop a PPC campaign that drives traffic, sales and conversions. We start all PPC marketing services with a free audit of your current campaigns. This comprehensive review will provide suggestions for any improvements we can make, how we can best manage what is already successful, and tell us where to go next. Our assessments analyse all the critical metrics of your campaigns including quality scores, impression shares, click-thru rates and any wasted spend. PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising, especially through platforms like Google Ads, various services are included to ensure the effective planning, execution, and optimization of your campaigns. Here are some common services that are often part of PPC and Google Ads management:

  • Keyword Research
  • Campaign Strategy and Planning
  • Ad Creation and Copywriting
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • A/B Testing
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Performance Monitoring and Reporting

How can PPC Advertising Benefit to Grow your Business?

If your website doesn’t come up consistently on first page it means you are losing your business to your competitor. There are two methods to improve your visibility on first page which is PPC Adverting and Search engine optimization SEO services is definitely valuable as people like to click on organic listing and not on paid ads.It said that 62 percent of searchers click on organic and not on paid advertisements. Whereas around 38% customers don’t understand the difference between. If your listing looks paid, targeted to what they have searched or organic then they will just click it. Major disadvantage of SEO is that people are not in control. Ultimately Google, Yahoo and Bing decide whom to rank first and how they perform this is still not clear. If you set up PPC account you can see your ads in just few hours. Well PPC campaigns cannot succeed if you have a though that once you set it and forget it. PPC is a systematic process with various steps. You can get results only when these steps are used correctly:

Affordable Package

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Basic PPC Plan

Rs.10000 / Month

Ad Budget Less than Rs.50000/M

Any 1 Network Account Set-up (Google Adwords, Facebook)

Standard PPC Plan

Rs.15000 / Month

Ad Budget Less than Rs.1,000,00/M

All Network Account Set-up (Google Adwords, Facebook)

Enterprise PPC Plan

Rs.25000 / Month

No Limit of Ad Budget

All Network Account Set-up (Google Adwords, Facebook)